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Novell 6 Admin Info
server -kf8
(allows you to load individual modules)
restart server (restarts server without manually downing, etc.)
Shift+shift+Alt+Esc, press Q, hard downs server.

DHCPSRVR parameters: -D1, -D2, -D3 (use -D1 as it keeps a log) (EX: DHCPSRVR -D1)

Set Preferred Server - setting allows multiple servers in an environment to split login load.

Bring up a Novell 6 Server as a Directory Agent (DA) to reduce traffic across the WAN. Create a SLP.CFG file on each server pointing to the DA (prevents a server from missing the multicast every 60 minutes.

Technical Information Document
1) Configuring SLP with a SCOPED directory agent (DA) - TID10059981

DNS Server Setup - Always create the reverse lookup server first so it will get settings and make it a secondary DNS server first, then  change to primary after getting info from main server.

Move SWAP file to another volume besides the default of SYS. Do this in AUTOEXEC.NCF. Do this in the beginning before Mount All in autoexec.ncf. This makes a minimum size of 100 MB on the swap file.
SWAP Parameter VOL_1 MIN FREE=100


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